Until February 20 there’s a winter discount on the four Diva sets in the Luftrum portfolio. There’s 20% to save on each of them and in addition to the new cart discount (read below) you can save up to 45% by getting them all. Just enter divafever in the promo field at checkout.

I have introduced a new and better permanent discount, that scales with the shopping cart. The new discount replaces the old flat $7 off when buying two products or more. This has now changed to 10% on two products, 20% on three and 30% discount when four or more soundbanks / libraries are added to the same shopping cart. This is in addition to any individual promo campaigns (like this). The new cart discount also includes Lunaris.

I am working on a new soundbank, this time I am returning to Propellerhead Reason creating a ReFill for Reason 10’s new granular synthesizer Grain. This could also very well be titled mini-Lunaris as the source material used to create the ReFill are coming from Lunaris. The Grain ReFill will be released before March.