The following was sent to all newsletter subscribers on August 2, with the release of Expanse 2, and the puzzle was solved by Peter from Canada after 36 hours. The main prize is claimed, but there is a 2nd and 3rd prize on offer, so it’s still worth solving:

On April 1 we announced the Sound Art Paradox a sound of only 1-second long which was listed as an NFT, raising the question of whether or not a 1-second sound was an April Fools joke while drawing parallels to Schrödingers Cat. We admit, this was probably too cryptic and strange, so it’s time to take it a step further and reveal the truth:

The Sound Art Paradox was never an April Fools joke. It was (and is!) a full-blown treasure hunt, with an attractive prize at the end of the rainbow, which is now being offered for free to anybody who wants to participate, and you are invited!

The first to crack the code and solve the puzzle, using the 1-second sound, will run off with a unique never-before offered Luftrum prize. You will get no clues, and there can only be one winner – so it’s a rush to the finish line.

You can start the game by downloading the Sound Art Paradox from this page. It’s a zip file and the password to unlock the library is found in the riddle below. The zip file is safe, but it might be flagged as unsafe by some browsers.

Happy treasure hunting! I will meet one of you at the finish line with a unique prize to the winner.

Zeros there are plenty
But threes come empty
Of twos there are none
Since the password is One
24 of its kind in binary
Will unlock the library…