Palace Arcade is an 80s inspired soundbank for the DeepMind 12 hardware synth, containing 64 patches crafted by NRW Synthwave artist and sound designer Michael Oakley and curated by Luftrum.

This action packed soundbank covers a wide range of personal favourite retro styles like Synthwave, Chillwave and classic 80s tones, but with a modern twist.

Cutting basses, cinematic pads, beautiful retro poly sounds and crispy leads all made using the DeepMind’s incredible effects engine to take classic analog sounds of old into something new and exciting.

The soundbank is created on a DeepMind 12 but all patches are fully compatible with both the DeepMind 6 and the DeepMind 12D. To experience the full potential of the patches, the extra voices from the 12 or 12D are highly recommended.

More info on the Palace Arcade page.