Luftrum 8 for Animoog (Discontinued, free download)

64 new presets for Animoog covering a broad range of genres from Ambient to Dubstep.

Smooth ambient pads, wobbly basses, subtle drones, rhythmic sequences and organic sound effects and animal sounds such as a true budgie tweet, the hypnotic song of whales and the natural purr of a cat. Listen to one of the audio demo’s, they are all composed with Luftrum 8. Watch the video below.

Luftrum 8 is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad version of Animoog. Included is an easy install instruction, describing how to get the sounds onto your device. All presets are nicely sorted with LUF initials to separate them from the factory presets.

 64 Animoog presets
Installation instruction included
Presets all sorted with LUF initial

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