Luftrum 12 for TAL-U-No-Lx

Luftrum 12 contains 64 synth presets of ambient pads, funky basses, crispy synth leads and arpeggios inspired by the early 80’s electropop scene mixed with the sound of present time synth connoisseurs as Mitch Murder, Todd Terje, Röyksopp and Lindstrøm. Plenty of tasty flavors whether you are into ambient, synthwave, outrun, technopop, retrowave or 80’s rooted synth funk.

TAL U-No-Lx is an accurate emulation of the Juno 60 with zero delay feedback filters and carefully calibrated controls making it a true replacement for the hardware synth with all the advantages of a software plugin.

64 handcrafted synth presets
Installation instruction included


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