Luftrum Thor for iPad or Reason
(Discontinued, free download)

Luftrum Thor contains all the Thor patches from the Luftrum Ambient Refill Collection, these are converted to and compatible with Thor on iPad and Reason Studio.

212 patches in total with a majority of ambient pads in the realm of old Eno’esque FM pads to deep drone soundscapes, ambient textures and minimalistic synthscapes inspired by ambienteers as Biosphere, Boards of Canada, Ishq and Steve Roach. Pure ambient bliss. Whether you produce deep cryo-sleeping ambient, experimental IDM or beatless space drone music, Luftrum Thor is an essential tool in your ambient studio.

Note: Luftrum Thor is being offered as a free download, but that also means it is unsupported and you are on your own in regards on how to unzip and/or transfer the presets from your computer to iPad. Reason Studios abandoned Thor on iPad so likely there’s not much support there either. You might find help in this thread on the forum of Audiobus.

212 Thor Ambient patches
Original Luftrum 1 and Luftrum 2 Refills included for Reason users

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