Everything in the modular domain is non-saveable and vanish the moment you pull the patch cable – quite the opposite of what I normally do, relying on the ability to save my patches and release them as part of a soundset.

With modulars I design my own ultimate analog synth, achieving sounds and modulation not possible with common software synths and not much can compete with the creativity and fun in hands-on-controls!

This is the Luftrum Modular aka The Ambient Rack II a 9U, 104HP Eurorack system. The U is short for Rack Unit, a measure to describe the height of rack modules and a Eurorack module is 3U high. The HP stands for Horizontal Pitch meaning the width of rack mounted equipment. My current rack can be seen on Modulargrid – here you can build and plan your own Eurorack.

I got a complete module list at the bottom of the page but the rack contains a majority of Mutable Instruments, Make Noise, Doepfer and Intellijel modules with a few other brands respresented, mainly selected with ambient sequences, drones and soundscapes in mind. The modules are sitting in a handmade quality walnut case from Germany. The craftsmanship of the case is stunning. I’m a frequent visitor on the very friendly Muffwiggler forum, pure modular talk. Newcomers are very welcome, drop by and say hi.








Module Demos

Below is a few YouTube performance demo’s i did for some selected modules.

The top left is a performance demo I made in Clouds, a texture granular synth by Mutable Instruments. First part are two different samples processed in normal granular mode. Second part (from 08:10) is a real-time processing of the CS80 wave from Braids receiving pitch from K4815 and going through Make Noise Echophon.

In the second part, Clouds are in bonus mode number four (also called Spectral Madness) which is a developer left-over extra feature that you enter by pressing and holding the audio quality / blending mode button for five seconds.