Luftrum 19 is a collection of patches for Repro-5 and a sonic collab between Stephan Baer and Luftrum, containing 128 delicate patches from the sound-lab (144 patches in total, with variations).

The soundset is on one side inspired by ambient cinematic filmscores such as Interstellar, Gravity, Blade Runner and 400 Days by modern composer Wojciech Golczewski and on the other side inspired by vintage analog and digital synths and the albums that came to life from those synths in the early to mid 80’s with albums by Vince Clarke, Enya and Vangelis.

The result is a crossbreed of cinematic, underscoring atmospheres to classic synth emulations, shimmery pads, distinctive basses, analog leads and corroded yet fragile synth keys, widely useful in many genres whether you produce cinematic music, ambient, synthwave or EDM.

Listen to the three audio demos below; a distinctive preset-by-preset demo by Luftrum and two cinematic demos by Stephan Baer and watch the 17-minute walkthrough covering 34 patches from the set.

Read more on the Luftrum 19 page here.