Luftkraft will be released later this month, a soundset by Luftrum containing Kraftwerk inspired patches for [???] can you guess the synth? Listen to the demo below and guess the synth. Among all correct guesses, two winners will be found. One winner will run off with a synth license + the soundset and one will win the soundset alone. Winners will be found January 21.

You can place your guess where you want, in the thread on Facebook, in the Twitter post or in the comments of the SoundCloud track below. All sounds in the demo are from the synth soundset and there are no samples used or external effects of any kind it’s 100% synth, straight out of the box. Let the guessing game begin!

Disclaimer: This is a soundset inspired by Kraftwerk. It is not created nor endorsed by Kraftwerk, it is not an official Kraftwerk product and Kraftwerk has not been involved in the creation of Luftkraft.