Payment with credit card fails

If you for some reason cannot pay with a credit card during checkout, because payment keeps failing or otherwise, then try to use the PayPal checkout option instead. You do not need a PayPal account and you can check out with a credit card via PayPal too.

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Do you offer educational or student discount?

We do not offer any educational / student discount, but we have storewide season sales a few times per year where all products are discounted and if you are on the mailing list you will be notified the moment it starts.

New subscribers to the newsletter can also take advantage of an immediate 20% one-time discount, you can subscribe here https://eepurl.com/FGMxP

There is also an automatic cart discount that applies when purchasing more than one product: By adding two products to the same cart you receive 10% off, with three products this is 20% off, and by adding four (or more) products to the same cart gives you 30% discount on the cart total. All of which are automatically applied.

This specific cart discount above is suspended during season sales.

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I need a new download link, can you send?

Bioscape and Lunaris are installed and updated directly in Native Access and there is no download link. Just open Native Access and choose Reninstall or Update. First time users need to enter the serial number in Native Access and click Install and the instrument will be downloaded and installed on your system.

For all other soundsets, sure we can send a new link. If you can locate your old download link from your original order then check that first, it might still work. We have no account feature on the site so you cannot log in and download yourself, but we can send you new links to all libraries purchased in the past – just drop a message in the chatbox below (bottom right corner of your screen) or send us an email, we need your name and email and the products you want a re-download of.

Expect up to 24 hours of processing, most often sooner.

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