What is the Dark Zebra? With the release of a Dark Zebra soundset, we always receive a handful of emails and questions from Zebra 2 users: Can I use my normal Zebra 2 version to play the sounds? Is the Dark Zebra a synth or just a set of presets? Is the Dark Zebra the same as ZebraHZ? We will explain what the Dark Zebra is.

The Dark Zebra are two things: First of all, it is a custom-built version of Zebra 2 made on request by Hans Zimmer. The version is named ZebraHZ and contains features not available in the normal Zebra 2 version such as Diva filters, extra MSEG’s, special resonators, polyphonic compressors, and some other features. So, it is, first of all, a modified Zebra 2 version named ZebraHZ.

ZebraHZ comes with 400 presets, created by sound designer Howard Scarr and Hans Zimmer, and the presets take advantage of the features in ZebraHZ. Together, they form the Dark Zebra (ZebraHZ + 400 presets) which requires a Zebra 2 license to work. You cannot just buy the Dark Zebra alone without having a Zebra 2 license first.

Hans Zimmer used ZebraHZ and the presets in the movies The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, hence the title: Dark Zebra.

All presets in a Dark Zebra soundset, will load and play in the normal Zebra 2 version and while some presets might be identical in both versions, those that are taking advantage of the features in ZebraHZ, will sound different in the normal Zebra 2 version.

Get the Dark Zebra here:https://u-he.com/products/soundsets/zebra2-soundsets.html