Synth City for Spire is out

Soaked in shades of neon, and shaken like a beach side martini – Synth City for Spire delivers those warm retro 80s flavors with a vibrant modern twist. Carefully designed by musician and sound designer, Michael Oakley, Synth City encompasses a range of emotions from uplifting, through nostalgic to melancholy.

Synth City is released as pay-what-you-want available for a limited time only.

More info on the Synth City product page.

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Happy New Year!

Below is a teaser of the first soundbank coming in 2022. Can you guess the title and the synth it was created for? If you can, then you can win a license of the synth and the soundbank it was created for. The winner will be found on January 3.

Post your guess in chatbox (in lower right corner) or in >this post< on Facebook.

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The ‘Free Field Recordings’ library is updated, raising $2522 to WWF in 2021

The Free Field Recordings library was recently updated, from a 1GB library containing 59 recordings, to a 22GB library containing over 300 different field recordings and found sounds from various places and locations, from the busy streets of London to the deep atmosphere of the Amazon rainforest.

The update was made possible through recordings generously contributed to the library by a handful of established field recordists such as George Vlad from Mindful Audio to Robert Cole Rizzi and WW Audio just to name a few.

Over the last year, the library raised $2522 to WWF. All donations made towards the library go to WWF and their global work for a sustainable future and actions against climate change. You can get a license of the full library for as low as $5 and help a really great cause at the same time.

All recordings are royalty-free and very usable mixed into music, or as sound effects, transformed into textures or otherwise. Some of the recordings include ocean waves, forests, busy streets, rain of different sorts, electronic circuitry, wind turbines, railway stations, rainforests, church bells, doors and room tones, dawn chorus, fireworks, water streams, street markets, espresso machines, rain on leaves and different binaural recordings and experiments with hydrophones, coil pickups, LOM Geofon’s and other contact mics.

More information on the Free Field Recordings page.

Luftrum is a corporate sponsor of WWF.

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Waiting is over: Luftrum Winter Sale is here, save up to 50%


The highly anticipated Luftrum Winter Sale is here and you can save up to 50% in the Sound Shop.

With exception of the most recent releases, everything is 40-50% off, Bioscape and Lunaris are down from $159 → $95 during the sale. Just enter the magic code snowisfalling during checkout to apply the discount. The sale is active from December 3 – 28 and a similar sale will not take place before spring 2022.

But the sale is not the only gift this year, because reports have reached us that golden gifts have escaped the Luftrum Sound Lab and are on the loose! Disguised in gold paper and jumping into random orders in December. There are three $150 Gift Cards on the loose. Watch out, they could be anywhere and might arrive in your inbox together with your order.

Terms and stuff: The normal cart discounts are suspended during the sale (3 for 20% off etc.) and the Winter Sale discount does not apply to the rent-to-own plans of Lunaris.

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Omniscient for Zebra 2 is released

Tap into a new consciousness with Omniscient for Zebra 2. A cinematic producers toolkit containing 180 presets, it provides a data trove of sounds that will effortlessly breathe life into your productions. Created by Sonic Underworld (Stephan Baer) and deftly curated by Luftrum, the tone of the set spans light to dark and everything in between.

Contained within are scene-setting textures and atmospheres built with an ear for nuance. Pulsing nanomachine sequences and circuit bent basslines coalesce with