With two years in the making we are proud to set it free from the sound lab and release our biggest projects ever:

Bioscape, a Kontakt instrument where field recordings merge together in a sonic kaleidoscope of found sound cinematics – from underscoring pads to drones, pulses and textures.

Bioscape is particularly suitable for game and filmscore composers but works extremely well with ambient music, music concréte, sound healing, music therapy, or as a standalone experimental instrument.

Within the DNA of Bioscape is a multifaceted instrument that on one side can sound as atonal and dark as you want and on the other side produce the most ethereal and light timbres.

Bioscape is made for the free Kontakt Player and supports sample drag & drop so you can use your own sounds and samples. It’s an official Native Instruments third party library and installed directly in Native Access – just enter the serial number and click install..

More information on the Bioscape page.