Welcome to Luftrum 2.0 Freefieldrec-600x600new streamlined website with more content, optimized for higher resolution, readable on mobiles, easier to update and with a better customer interaction.

With the launch, I am introducing a new sample library Free Field Recordings which is a selection of my samples from ocean waves to the forest, experiments with hydrophones, coil pickups and contact mics such as the rumble of a windmill, the micro circuitry of an iPhone and the footsteps of ants on a contact microphone etc.

All licensed under CC and free for commercial and non commercial use. Perfect as background layers, sound effects or otherwise.

You can also support the free library and help a good cause at the same time. Buying a user license as pay-what-you-want will transform the Creative Commons license into a regular user license and all sales go to Save the Children. Then you don’t need to give credit when using the sounds. Read more on the Free Field Recordings page.

I am also running a 20% discount on my Luftrum soundsets via my co-site Sounds for Synth the discount is valid until April 3rd. There are many different synth soundbanks there, from other great preset designers, also with a discount.