Luftrum 15 for Prophet-6 released.

For the mighty DSI Sequential Prophet-6 comes Luftrum 15, a collection of 100 handcrafted synth patches featuring airy analog pads to sparkling arpeggios, retro leads, delicate keys and synthwave style basslines, taking the Prophet-6 to another dimension.

Luftrum 15 is inspired by synth sound explorers as Daft Punk, Vangelis, John Carpenter, Royksopp and Jean Michel Jarre and if you enjoy the soundtracks of Blade Runner, Stranger Things, Drive and Tron you will be thrilled with the harmonious influences found within the depth of Luftrum 15.

Visit the Luftrum 15 page for audio demo’s and a 6-minute YouTube demo playing patches from the soundset.

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Call to Arms: Charity 2016

The past five years, I have kickstarted an annual charity fundraising in the audio industry, that have raised more than $94.000 for Save the Children through software and hardware auctions organized in a thread on the forum of KVR Audio. Last year alone, we raised $31.366 breaking all former years. The funds we raise this year will once again be marked refugee children from the Syrian war. Over 4.8 million people have fled the war, half of them are children (according to UNHCR) and the situation is probably worse than ever.

Here’s a diploma collage for the past five years: Charity Diploma’s 2011-2015

Anyone is welcome to bid on products listed, which is done directly in the forum thread, and if you’re a company in the audio industry you are welcome to donate plugins, sample libraries or hardware to the cause. Just send me an email, that’s all it takes. The charity thread is found here:

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Progress of Luftrum 15, soundset for DSI Sequential Prophet-6.






Since late May I have crafted patches for the DSI Sequential Prophet-6 and the soundset is around 60% completed at the time of writing, with an estimated release around mid October.

The Prophet-6 soundset will be Luftrum 15 and will feature a collection of 100 patches, stored in the 100-199 bank location and consisting of warm analog pads, evocative and sparkling arpeggios, delicate, drifting synth keys and synthwave style basslines. I will regularly post audio demos of individual patches in the SoundCloud playlist below, as sounds are forged and unfold beneath my hands. They will be named in the playlist after the patch number they are saved in, making them easy to recall.

Prophet-6 Soundset, Progress 100%
(Progress updated October 20)


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Luftrum 14 for Omnisphere 2 is released

Luftrum 14 is a brand new soundbank for Omnisphere 2, containing 128 pristine and original patches from beautiful pads to dreamy arpeggios, haunting soundscapes, underscoring elements and split-key instruments with 120 MB samples from the Luftrum Modular and Luftrum’s Prophet-6.

Included are also 43 effect racks in a handpicked selection of delays and reverbs. Whether you are looking for new lush pads or you produce pop, ambient, film or game music or just need to enhance your productions with fresh synth elements – then this soundbank is a must-have tool in your collection.

Go to the Luftrum 14 product page for audio demo’s and a 23-minute YouTube walkthrough of the sounds…


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Synthwave Diva is out!

The Unfinished and Luftrum have teamed to provide the Sound of Summer with a brand new collaboration, Synthwave Diva.

Like the perfect, golden child, born from a union between Jan Hammer and John Carpenter, Synthwave is one of the hottest electronic genres of the moment. Artists such as Mitch Murder, Kavinsky and Powerglove have raised its profile, with guys like TimeCop1983 and FM-84 (who have both provided demo tracks for Diva Synthwave) continue to keep it fresh and alluring. Synthwave’s influence can even be heard in the cinematic work of M83, Cliff Martinez and Trent Reznor.

Synthwave Diva provides 128 patches for U-He’s Diva, glistening with 80s nostalgia and dripping with analogue warmth. Chunky bass, smooth pads, flickering keys and lush leads, with that unmistakable synth cool. Matt and Soren have taken their love for the genre and given it their very own contemporary twist, providing all the sun-kissed retro joy necessary, but with an added touch of their own inimitable imaginations.

If your head is full of thoughts of Amigas, betamaxes and white men doing kung fu; the music of Vangelis and Tangerine Dream; films such as Breakfast Club and Beverly Hills Cop; and if you’re writing synth pop, outrun music, or just want a hint of that retro, analogue magic in your music, then Synthwave Diva is for you.

So, take a sip of your tequila sunrise, roll up your pink jacket sleeves, push the latest tunes into your eight track and drive that Testarossa deep into the heat of the night…

Go to the Synthwave Diva page for audio demo’s and a walkthrough video of the presets.

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