Lunaris, Unparalleled Pads

Lunaris is a sample based pad instrument, containing pads only from classic analog pads to lush ambient pads, cinematic pads and any pads in between including 30 original Luftrum pads from the Prophet-6. Lunaris also contains sequenced pads from underscoring elements to more contemporary rhythmic patterns plus a selection of dark, avantgarde and obscure pads. Lunaris is 4.5GB and ships with 400 presets created by world-class sound designers as Arksun, Bigtone, Himalaya, Luftrum, Martin Walker, Adam Pietruszko, Twolegs Toneworks and Brandon Clark.

At the heart of Lunaris are 2700 meticulously hand trimmed samples, collected in over 200 sound sources of multisampled pads, field recordings, synth transients and soundscapes available to mix, sculpt and shape into the perfect pad structure.

Not only is Lunaris a dream pad machine, it is also a full bodied creative tool that can excel at anything from soundscapes to synth leads, as well as drones and organic textures, complementing both the producer, composer and the sound designer.

Lunaris is licensed to and made for the free Kontakt Player so the full version of Kontakt is not required. It will run without limits in the free Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt v5.6.8 or later, and can be loaded directly in your DAW as any other plugin, no other software is needed to run Lunaris. It will also load in Propellerhead Reason 9.5 and later, which adds VST to Reason. Lunaris is NKS ready and designed for use with Komplete Kontrol and Machine.

Magazine Reviews

In November 2017 issue of Sound On Sound, Lunaris received a 5-star review by John Walden, quote:Lunaris is very impressive. There are some beautifully deep and involving sounds here. Given what’s on offer, it is also very competitively priced…” – Sound On Sound, November 17.

Read there full review here.


In the 02/2018 issue of Beat Magazine, Lunaris received 5 out of 6 stars, quote: ”Lunaris shine as a powerful creative tool for atmospheric and impressively rhythmic pads. In addition to the great sound and the high degree of flexibility, the inviting, intuitive user interface is also to be positively emphasized…” Beat Magazine, January 18.  


Raborn Johnson reviewed Lunaris for Sample Library Review, quote: ”Lunaris gives you the ability to create your own pads, either through a simple randomization process, or by using the complex, yet intuitive, Kontakt interface that goes way beyond the normal ADSR controls. Lunaris packs a serious pad-punch! Sample Library Review, January 18. Read there full review here.

StrongMocha awarded Lunaris 5/5 stars, quote: Lunaris is the leading pad machine with outstanding material and presets to allow you quickly to shape pads you need for your scoring. It sounds beautiful and combines analog, ambient, thick, lush, and cinematic pads into pure sound ecstasy. ” StrongMocha, January 18. Read there full review here.

The User Interface

The user interface is designed to be straight forward and user friendly, consisting of four identical layers (A, B, C and D) that can load one of 200 sound sources from multisampled pads to field recordings, synth transients or soundscapes.

Each layer has direct access to the most common controls and further access to individual parameters and effects in the bottom part of the interface. The sound can also be shaped with two new and innovative features such as the Filter Split and the Flux Motion described below. The interface is further described in the user manual that comes with Lunaris.

Below the Time Stop knob you find the Filter Split button which is a new and innovative feature that sorts all the active filters in different bands, preventing low rumble and any clashing of frequencies between layers .  

When layers are competing for the same frequency range it can lead to muddiness and sound that doesn’t shine through or sit well in a mix. Filter Split creates new distinctive filter setups for each of the active layers, making space and room for other frequencies.

Use Filter Split to create new pads based on smart filter algorithms alone. Each click on the Filter Split button generates a new original split. Click reset and the filters are reset back to original state.


Flux Motion is a slow and random modulation that runs side by side with the user defined modulation under mod/seq. Activate Flux Motion by dialing one of the knobs and subtle random motion will affect the filter cutoff, the amplitude and the panning of the active layer via an algorithm of random low-frequency oscillation. With Flux Motion the user cannot affect the change and dynamics over time – experience the beauty of unpredictable and ethereal modulation. Clicking ‘Generate’ will change the underlying low-frequency algorithm behind the modulation, applying new subtle motion to the parameters.


The Presets & Sound Sources

Lunaris ships with over 400 presets. Click on the vid to the left to hear an audio demo of some of the presets, a walkthrough of 30 included presets that comes with Lunaris.

Lunaris also contains 200 different sound sources to be loaded into each of the four layers. These can combined, mixed and saved as your own preset creation.

100 of the sound sources are multisampled pads and 30 of them are original Luftrum pads from the Prophet-6. The other 100 sound sources are divided into these three groups:

Field Recordings of mother nature, ranging from calm ocean waves to radio fallouts from the ionosphere to forest drones, binaural rain, quiet mountain gusts, hydrophone recordings, airport atmosphere to cracking ice cape experiments with contact mics recorded by field recordists Luftrum, Felix Blume and Jez Riley French. Synth Transients are transients adding harmonics to the initial start of the sound and can range from bell-like timbres to short synth plucks over softer fading synth leads. Synth Soundscapes are synthesizer based textures, soundscapes and sustained mellow beds of synthscapes.

Everything got a fundamental frequency, from the atmosphere in a forest to the ocean waves. The field recordings in Lunaris are tuned to a seldom heard harmony with the multisampled pads. You can play the recordings in tune with the pads or you can play them isolated, as aesthetic recordings of forgotten realms and places – from the lava beaches of Iceland to the coastal sea of Australia over city fences recorded with contact microphones to glittering radio fallouts of the ionosphere.

NEW January 2018: Lunaris v1.2 update

Lunaris is updated to v1.2 with 150 new presets and a new optional graphic user interface. The new presets are created by Michael Lyon and range from deep lush pads to organic nature pads to light, glittering, 90s inspired fantasy pads with memories to the D-50 era and early digital hardware synths.

The new and optional GUI (user interface or skin if you prefer) is created by Satya Choudhury in a classic dark synth theme that is both elegant and easy on the eyes. The new GUI can quickly be activated and switched back again, by clicking the Lunaris logo.


Lunaris Specs

400 presets by pristine sound designers
NKS ready for Komplete Kontrol and Machine
200 high quality multisampled 24Bit sound sources
No need for the full version of Kontakt
Loads in the free Kontakt Player without limitations
No other software needed to play Lunaris
✓ Flux Motion, Modulation and Effect Chain per layer
Create, mix, sculpt and save your own pads
16-page PDF User Manual included
Crossgrade to the full version of Kontakt and save!


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Add two products to the same shopping cart for 10% discount, add three for 20% discount and add four products for 30% discount. After order you will receive a serial number via email, this serial is used to register Lunaris with the full version of Kontakt v5.6.8 or later, or the free Kontakt Player. Contact Luftrum if you have not received an email with your serial an hour after placing the order. Check spam and junk folder for serial before contact. Download the free Kontakt Player via this link (click). Kontakt v5.6.8 or later can only be updated via Native Access and not via the old NI Service Center. Native Access can be downloaded via this link (click). Lunaris requires Mac OS 10.9 or higher, Windows 7 or higher, 8GB RAM recommended (4GB minimum). Lunaris is a download only product, no physical shipping will take place.

Audio Demos and YouTube walkthroughs below