Free Field Recordings

The field recordings in the playlist to the right are free to download. They are a mix of 16Bit and 24Bit wav files containing a broad range of various recordings from ocean waves to forest sounds, birds, gardenscapes, airport atmospheres, binaural recordings (make sure to listen with headphones for full effect!) and experiments with hydrophones, coil pickups and contact mics such as the rumble of a windmill, the circuit board of an iPhone and the footsteps of ants on a contact mic. Perfect as atmospheric background, sound effect, layered texture or otherwise.

Recorded using Sound Devices 702, DPA-4060, JrF contacts mics, hydrophones and coil pickups. Zoom H2 and Sony CS-10EM Binaural Microphones for older recordings.

They are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 3.0) meaning you are free to share, copy, remix or otherwise transform the sounds for commercial or non-commercial use on the condition that you give appropriate credit where the sound is used, with a link to me as the author of the sound for example: This [insert track name] contains a free field recording by Luftrum on

You can also buy a user license of the complete library as pay-what-you-want, then you don’t need to credit me anywhere and all sales go to Save the Children.

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Support the free library and help Save the Children

Freefieldrec-600x600You can buy a user license of the free field recordings, then you don’t need to give credit when using the sounds. The sample library is priced as pay-what-you-want and all sales from the library goes to Save The Children – every single penny!

With a user license you are free to use, remix or otherwise transform the sounds for commercial and non-commercial use, just as the CC license permits, with the important difference that you don’t need to give appropriate credit and instead of downloading each individual sound file you will receive a link to download the full library.

There’s a lifetime of free upgrades included meaning when I add a new batch of sounds to the library you can download them for free. All recordings are normalised but not embedded with META data.

What you cannot do, is to re-release, license or otherwise share the library as whole or in parts without altering the sounds first, we need the library to bring in some donations for them kids. Please respect that. Not for me, but for the children in need…

Get 1 GB sample library and support charity at the same time.

✓ 1 GB Free Field Recordings
Pay-what-you-want (min. $5)
16Bit and 24Bit Wav Samples
All sales goes to Save The Children
No need to give credit when using sounds

Free Field Recordings

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