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FAQ / Support

Make sure your Kontakt version is at least v5.6.8 or later. Lunaris won't work with versions older, not even v5.6.6. Kontakt v.5.6.8 and later can only be updated with Native Access. It replaces the old NI Service Center that doesn't support newer Kontakt versions. Native Access can be downloaded here:

If you are using Lunaris with the free Kontakt Player, then download and install the latest version below. The free Kontakt Player can't run side by side with the full version of Kontakt unfortunately, so if you already got the full Kontakt version then you need to update that instead:

Lunaris can become a CPU hungry pad machine, in particular with the new presets added in v1.2 as many of those use multiple active reverbs, long release times and several active effect chains. If you experience a drastic increase in CPU then reduce it by turning OFF all reverbs in Lunaris and leave only one reverb active and make that effect chain global by clicking the Make Global button, then all layers (A, B, C and D) will go through that chain only - but it's important to turn the other reverbs off, otherwise they will still remain active and still consume CPU.

To preserve and minimize CPU usage, here are some useful tips:

  • If several reverbs are active, turn them OFF and leave just one reverb ON.
  • Activate the ​Make Global​ button under the Effects tab, to apply only one dedicated chain of effects which will affect all four layers simultaneously
  • Reduce the release time of the Amp Envelopes (ADSR) for all active layers
  • Reduce layers using the Time Stop feature and turn OFF the TS button for layers not using the Time Stop effect
  • Reduce the amount of effects by turning them OFF
  • Reduce the amount of active layer

This has been seen a few times when downloading Lunaris with Safari on Mac. Try grabbing the .zip file with Firefox or Chrome instead or any other browser. If your download link has expired trying, then contact Luftrum for a renewed link.

The serial number for Lunaris is sent via email automatically, right after the order is processed and is usually immediate. Contact Luftrum if you have not received an email with your serial an hour after placing the order. The serial is used to register Lunaris in Native Access.

The EULA for Native Instruments products allows the simultaneous installation of Lunaris on two computers, as long as only one installation is used at any given time. You can read the EULA here.