My name i Søren aka. Luftrum, sound designer from Denmark. I can’t play the keyboard to save my life and I’m a terrible composer but I make good synth presets and my sounds can be heard on albums and in movies worldwide, lately in What Happened to Monday? and 50 Shades of Grey where I designed synth presets to the composers, heard in the original motion picture score. My customer list includes composers, producers and DJ’s from all over the world – from the hobby’ist to the biggest Oscar winning names in the industry.

When not designing synth presets, I can be found with my field recorder recording whatever mother nature has to tell me, encapturing the footsteps of ants or the calm sound of the ocean or I might be tweaking the knobs on my Eurorack modular making performance demo’s as the one I did for Clouds (see below).

Once a year, I host a fundraising for Save the Children asking developers in the audio industry to donate soft- or hardware which are then placed on auction in a forum thread on KVR Audio. Since 2011, we have raised $164000 for Save the Children that way. If you want to contribute to this and be contacted prior to the fundraising, then please contact me.

This sums up my bio in short, but you can read more details below. Over and out…


Synth Presets

The Luftrum signature sound is atmospheric and cinematic, often equal to a lot of pads and melodic keys, harmonic textures and soundscapes mixed with my own textural field recordings. Always with attention to detail and always leaving a few dB headroom.

Inspirations are often drawn from Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Royksopp, Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream to mention a few and should I only pick one, then Vangelis is my main source of inspiration and you will find many Vangelis inspired presets in my soundsets. I have released soundsets for Omnisphere 2, U-He Diva, iZotope Iris and TAL U-NO-LX to name a few. See all my soundsets in the Sound Shop above.

I sometimes work with composers and companies when my schedule permits. I worked with Camel Audio throughout many years, designing library content as well as the acclaimed Luftrum Ambient library for Alchemy. I have worked with Apple in Logic and for Steinberg I crafted presets for HALion Sonic 2 and factory content for Padshop Pro and the Zero Gravity expansion for same synth.


Modular Synths

I got a Eurorack Modular in a handmade quality walnut case from Germany. The primary setup of modules are by Mutable Instruments, Make Noise Audio, Doepfer and Intellijel with a few other brands represented.

To the left is a performance demo I made in Clouds, a granular texture synth by Mutable Instruments. First part are two different samples processed in normal granular mode. Second part (from 08:10) is a real-time processing of the CS80 wave from Braids receiving pitch from K4815 and going through Make Noise Echophon. In the second part, Clouds are in bonus mode number four (also called Spectral Madness) which is a developer left-over extra feature.

You can see pictures, watch more performance demo’s and hear more sounds from my modular in the menu Luftrum Modular above.


Field Recordings

I got a Sony PCM-D100 and my equipment also count JrF contact mics, hydrophones and coil-pickups. I like to experiment, recording what is in-audible for the human ear – such as the micro circuitry of an iPhone or the footsteps of ants. These are uncommon, unusual and interesting in their own domain. I like to mix those sounds with common synthesis to achieve otherworldly textures.

When I am not recording experiments, I search for sounds that are relaxing almost as minor ambient pieces on their own such as the calm sound of ocean waves or the country garden atmosphere a summer day.

You can hear my field recordings from the menu above under Free Field Recordings. All those recordings are free to download and licensed under Creative Commons which means you are free to use them for commercial and non-commercial use, as long as you credit me.

You can also buy a license as pay-what-you-want for a complete 1 GB samplepack of my field recordings – then you don’t have to credit me anywhere and all sales goes to Save the Children. Speaking about charity…



Since 2011 I have initiated an annual charity fundraising for Save the Children, where I ask developers in the audio industry to donate soft- or hardware, which are then placed on auction in a forum thread on KVR Audio. We have raised $164000 in total for Save the Children that way – thanks to a lot of kindhearted developers and a great supporting community! Below are the diplomas we have received throughout the years.

Everyday I am grateful, that my own kids are not born into poverty. They will never lack basic needs as water or food but in other parts of this world there are dads just like me, who love their daughters and sons just as much as I love my children – dads who have witnessed their own children die of hunger or from a simple curable disease! We owe to give back of the resources we have, to those who depend on us.