Winter Diva Discount, save up to 45%

Until February 20 there’s a winter discount on the four Diva sets in the Luftrum portfolio. There’s 20% to save on each of them and in addition to the new cart discount (read below) you can save up to 45% by getting them all. Just enter divafever in the promo field at checkout.

I have introduced a new and better permanent discount, that scales with the shopping cart. The new discount replaces the old flat $7 off when buying two products or more. This has now changed to 10% on two products, 20% on three and 30% discount when four or more soundbanks / libraries are added to the same shopping cart. This is in addition to any individual promo campaigns (like this). The new cart discount also includes Lunaris.

I am working on a new soundbank, this time I am returning to Propellerhead Reason creating a ReFill for Reason 10’s new granular synthesizer Grain. This could also very well be titled mini-Lunaris as the source material used to create the ReFill are coming from Lunaris. The Grain ReFill will be released before March.

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Lunaris Content Update

Lunaris is updated to v1.2 with ​150​ brand new presets by Michael Lyon bringing the total preset count up to over ​400​ pads. The new presets range from deep lush pads to organic nature pads to light, glittering, 90s inspired fantasy pads with memories to the D-50 era and early digital hardware synths.

The update also brings a new and optional GUI (user interface or skin if you prefer) in an elegant and classic dark synth theme that is easy on the eyes. The new GUI is designed by Satya Choudhury and can quickly be activated and switched back again by clicking the logo.

To celebrate the new update, Lunaris got a limited 40% discount until January 8, just enter lunaupdate in the promo field at checkout.

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Luftrum December Sale – 40% Off

It’s Christmas and a time for giving and my gift to you this year is a 40% discount on the entire Luftrum portfolio including Lunaris which is down from $159 to $95 during the sale. Lunaris received a 5-star review in the November issue of Sound On Sound, read it here. To apply the discount just enter santathesynthfreak in the promo field at checkout.

The 40% discount is not the only gift this year, because secret reports have reached us that some golden gifts have escaped the Luftrum Sound Lab and are on the loose, disguised in gold paper and jumping into random orders in December. There’s a $150 promo code, a Luftrum All Bundle, a Lunaris license plus a full order refund on the loose out there! Watch out… they could be anywhere and might arrive in your inbox together with your order.

The Christmas sale is on from December 1 to December 17.

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Lunaris, 5-Star review in Sound on Sound.

In the November issue of Sound On Sound, Lunaris received a 5-star review by John Walden, quote: “Lunaris is very impressive. There are some beautifully deep and involving sounds here. Given what’s on offer, it is also very competitively priced. Lunaris is definitely one for media composers and those working in more ambient music styles to check out” – Sound On Sound, November 17.

Read there full review here:

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Call to Arms: Charity 2017

Earlier this month I launched the annual charity fundraiser on the forum of KVR Audio where the audio industry raises money for Save the Children. The past six years, we have raised more than $125.000 for the children via online auctions of studio software, plugins, hardware and samplelibraries. Once again, all funds we raise will be marked the refugee children from the Syrian war. Here are the diplomas we recieved for the past six years: Charity Diplomas 2011-2016.

Head over to this thread on KVR Audio to read more and participate in the bidding.

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